NOTE: CognitiveVR has been rebranded to Cognitive3D. Code references, methods, menus, and variables remain untouched.


Github Release



  • Added ExitPoll panels
  • Added voice feedback for ExitPoll
  • Fixed NewUser and NewDevice transaction batching
  • HMD type displays correctly on SceneExplorer


  • Added Dynamic Object Component
  • Added Heatmaps on Dynamic Objects
  • Added ExitPoll blueprints
  • Reduced the number of reads from defaultengine.ini for the customerid value
  • Fixed issue with SessionID and SessionTimestamp mismatch
  • Removed redundant dynamic object exports
  • Fixed timestamp issue when sending data to SceneExplorer


  • Set HttpRequest timeout to unlimited when uploading scene


  • Fixed issue with SceneKeys not writing into build using ini files


  • Added button to upload scene from Unreal Editor to SceneExplorer
  • Added button to export textures used in transparent materials
  • Added string field to exclude exported meshes by name (eg - Camera,SkySphere)


  • Added blueprint macros for Arm Length, HMD Height, FPS sensor, Room Size and Controller Occlusion
  • Removed SendPlayerData. Use Flush Events instead
  • Improved gaze and transaction batching
  • Fixed bug with incorrect transaction position on begin for scene explorer
  • Fixed issue with batched data not being sent unless a PlayerTracker component was in the scene


  • Merged Scene Export window into settings
  • Fixed bug when exported engine textures couldn't be found
  • Added variable for resizing texture
  • Fixed issue with Player Recorder timestamp truncating to seconds


  • CognitiveVR SDK inherits from IAnalyticsProvider
  • Analytics Blueprint Library implemented for CognitiveVR
  • Exporting scene for SceneExplorer
  • Player Recorder tracks Gaze Point and HMD position
  • C++ and blueprint nodes upload event positions to ScenExplorer