Github Release



  • Fixed uncommon issue with Preferences scriptable object not loading on startup


  • Added SensorRecorder
  • Fix for preferences compile error
  • Added 'parts' to gaze/event data for multiple data uploads
  • Added support for Pupil Labs Vive add-on


  • Updated Editor Windows
  • Added SDK login. You can now easily select which product you want to work on
  • Added Version Update Checker
  • Added in-editor scene upload
  • Added Test and Prod buttons to Settings
  • Merged player recorder with cognitiveVR_Manager
  • Various bug fixes
  • SteamVR SDK now requires version 1.2


  • Fixed Typos
  • Removed commented legacy code
  • Lowered default scene exporter minimum size from 4 to 1


  • Added Exit Poll
  • Added 'Enable Logging' to CognitiveVR_Manager inspector. Useful for setting up analytics initially
  • Added 'Initialize on Start' to CognitiveVR_Manager. Useful for delaying Initialization until connected to server/players spawned/asset bundles loaded
  • Renamed 'None' to 'Default' when selecting an SDK from the popup window


  • Added additional support for Oculus SDK 1.9.0. This includes support for Oculus Touch controllers
  • Renamed Chaperone Event to Boundary Event
  • Arm Length, Boundary Event, Controller Input, Occlusion, and Room Size all work with Oculus Touch controllers


  • SceneExplorer now exports Unity Terrain. The export will include one terrain with up to 6 textures. Trees and detail meshes will not be exported
  • Added search field to SceneID window
  • 'DEBUG - Write Snapshots to File' option uploads snapshots to SceneExplorer AND writes to File


  • Merged Scene Explorer branch into master
  • Usability changes in cognitiveVR Preferences
  • Support for multiple SDKs at once. Shift-click to select multiple from the Init window
  • Fixed issue with CognitiveVR_Manager not correctly returning SteamVR controllers


  • Added Oculus Utilities support
  • Updated HMD present component
  • Added Recenter event component
  • Added Headphone present component
  • Updated Battery tracker
  • Updated comfort tracker to include cpu/gpu oculus settings
  • Changed Player Recorder options in CognitiveVR Preferences for usability


  • Fixed Battery Tracker trying to reference UnityEditor in builds
  • Fixed url issue with Android builds
  • Fixed Player Define Symbols on non-Standalone projects


  • Added SceneExplorer support


  • rebuilt Unity package with existing fixes to CognitiveVR_Manager SceneLoaded and ControllerTracker transform.AddComponent


  • Cognitivevr_manager dispatches events to analytics components
  • Added component window
  • Small visual changes to the Initial popup window
  • Added occlusion tracker - sends a transaction when a tracked device (HMD, controller, lighthouse) loses visibility (isvalid) or is disconnected/loses power (disconnected)
  • Added arm length tracker - samples maximum distances from HMD to controller to get approximate arm length
  • Added HMD height tracker - samples average height of HMD to get the approximate player eye height
  • Added battery tracker - records battery level on start and on quit
  • Added comfort tracker - sends transaction when framerate falls below a threshold. Sends average HMD rotation rate on an interval with framerate
  • Added HMD collision tracker - sends transaction when player's HMD collides with something in the gameworld
  • Added controller collision tracker - sends transaction when a player's controller collides with something in the gameworld
  • Teleport tracker is now a component to put on the cogntiveVR manager, not your player's HMD gameobject. This follows the conventions of the other analytics components
  • Chaperone tracker is now a component. It records the user's room size and sends transactions when chaperone becomes visibles


  • Fixed rare bug with device property dictionary already having an existing key
  • Removed cvr.unity.platform device property. duplicate of cvr.device.platform
  • Reverted change to CognitiveVR HTTPRequest script
  • Fixed bug with GazeObject distance check
  • ControllerTracker will add SteamVR_TrackedController component if one is not found


  • Added Popup Settings window on startup
  • Added SampleInitialization script
  • Added GazeObject script
  • Added ControllerTracker script
  • Added TeleportTracker script